Status Update

2017-05-09 19:35:57 by HardwiredMusic

Well, I've been making a few songs, you can check our Canned Agression if you'd like, it's pretty interesting. I've been very inspired my my friends @state8 @Skiddle and @Strykur and my new favourite artist @Ravitex you guys are the best! I'm very happy with how my first few songs went over and *maybe* I would release the other half of the Reanimated album if I get 5 comments here. :) -Hardwired


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2017-05-09 21:25:27

i crave to be reanimated

HardwiredMusic responds:

Hah, learn to capitalize dude.


2017-05-10 02:27:26

Ay thanks dude! Your reviews are really helpful to me and I am very grateful for that. Also, release the beast ;)

HardwiredMusic responds:

Glad to be helpful! Maybe you could help me sometimes too! ;)


2017-05-10 11:18:05

Thank you so much! I'm inspired by you as well :3

HardwiredMusic responds:

<3 yes.